Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Coors Distribution Plant

A cooler in the back of the building was the source of fire that affected the building, included the 20,000 square foot cooler. SERVPRO Extreme responded to dispose of the contaminated beer and clean the building.

Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin is a family-owned business that has been selling complete stocks of arts, crafts, and hobbies since 1984. They suffered significant damage as a result of a soldering iron. SERVPRO Extreme was called in for the remediation of fire damage.

Pacific Cheese Factory

Due to a fire and smoke damage to the building, we were called in to mitigate the manufacturing facility and get the factory back up and running immediately. We were able to do so while working in other areas of the building, as well as assisting with packaging in their other location in Hayward, California.

West Linn High School

A fire started when embers from a nearby welder floated to the roof and into a vent. The fire then flared in the attic near the gym. SERVPRO Extreme was called in for remediation and cleaning of the gym.

Willamette Community Church

An exhaust fan in a basement bathroom resulted in heavy smoke damage throughout the 1910 church building. SERVPRO Extreme was brought in immediately to perform extensive cleaning, content manipulation and reconstruction and met a dead line to open the church school.

Bremerton Naval Base

Kitsap Naval Base was created in 2004, and is the third largest Navy base in the U.S. SERVPRO Extreme was brought in after a fire started in a room on the 6th floor. Full extraction, dry out, and odor removal was performed in the barracks.