Water Damage Photo Gallery

Stewart Parkway Mercy Medical Center

In January 2011 the 7,000 square foot Stewart Parkway Mercy Medical Center suffered a leak from a crack in the toilet tank. Although the break was discovered and shut off quickly, an extensive dry-out project was needed to keep the medical building operational.

Hornedo Middle School

Hornedo Middle School suffered water damage due to frozen pipes. SERVPRO Extreme was contacted to provide drying services, and prepare the affected areas for renovation. SERVPRO Extreme was successful in restoring the school within the required time frame, so they could resume classes.

Econo Lodge

Due to extremely high winds and heavy rain, the hotel’s roof was damaged, resulting in significant water damage. SERVPRO Extreme responded to perform demolition, complete dry-out, and preparation for repairs.

Curry Manor

This retirement home had a broken sprinkler head in the attic, causing water damage to all levels of the building. SERVPRO Extreme responded immediately to manipulate contents and perform a complete dry-out in order to return residents to their previous living conditions.

Bangor Naval Base

Bangor Naval Base had a broken water main, resulting in water damage to their office space. SERVPRO Extreme was brought in to mitigate the offices and perform a complete dry-out.

Cordon Pharma Colorado, Inc.

Due to heavy rain fall, SERVPRO Extreme was called in to complete demolition work at Cordon Pharma Colorado, Inc. The team treated and dried out all remaining material in the Research and Development building.

Laytonville High School

A winter flood affected this California area school. The water engulfed all but the gymnasium. Our SERVPRO Extreme Team was called in for remediation, drying and rebuilding of the school.

Mercy Medical Surgery Center

The sterilization tank in the Surgery Center caused water damage in the Surgical Center and file room below causing extensive damage to a large amount of documents. SERVPRO Extreme team was brought in to perform immediate extraction, mitigation and document recovery.